Taste Buds: Battle of the Bombers

TB_battle of the bomber

I was in the mood for some big local bombers for some reason, so I scouted the breweries and picked up two, the Marble Brewery White Out Spice Wheat Ale (left), and La Cumbre Brewing Co.’s Fievre d’Abricot Saison (middle). Of course a bomber is no good without friends so I invited a few of the now infamous Taste Buds to help me on this perilous journey. One of the fellow taste bud decided you know, two bombers just isn’t enough, and he hit us with a third! The Lagunitas Brewing Company Equinox Pale Oat Ale. Below are some tasting notes that we settled on for the three beers. Enjoy!

Marble Brewing Co.
White Out – Spiced Wheat Ale
ABV: 9.0%
IBUs: 40
Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Crystal
Adjuncts: Coriander, Curacao Orange Peel
Malts: 2-Row, Flaked Oats, Unmalted Wheat

marble white out

  • Aroma: Right out of the fridge there wasn’t aroma to speak of, but as the beer warmed, there was a mineral quality in the aroma. There was pretty present spicy, phenolic character, low to no hop aroma, and a faint green apple smell. The malt aroma presented itself slightly towards the end, but not in great amounts.
  • Flavor: Right away you can taste the orange peel, as well as a faint boozy taste, definitely presenting itself as a 9%-er. Crit says, “It’s like an IPA was poured into a Double White”, and she’s completely spot on. There’s a slight green grassy taste, medium body, with incredible lacing. Very little malt sweetness, and the flavor is really brought to life by the spices.
  • Score: 8.5/10

La Cumbre Brewing Co.
Fievre d’Abricot – Fruited Saison
ABV: 8% (bottle says 8, website says 7.5%)
IBUs: 25
Hops: N/A
Adjuncts: Apricots
Malt: N/A

la cumbre fievre d'abricot

  • Aroma: The apricot was only faintly present right out of the fridge, but as the beer warmed it was ALL you could smell, so if you like apricots, you’ll love the smell and taste of this beer. Little bit of a banana wheat smell at first, but that faded quickly as it warmed. Bread-y sweetness present in the last few sips.
  • Flavor: Huge apricot notes, though it’s not overpowering. This is a very dry and not terribly sweet saison that is surprisingly drinkable. The sour, brett notes accentuate the sweetness though. As it warms the apricot is even more present. light-medium body despite the appearance. No lacing to speak of.
  • Score: 9.2/10

Lagunitas Brewing Company
Equinox – Pale Oat Ale
ABV: 8.4%
IBUs: 50
Hops: Equinox, Simcoe
Adjuncts: Oats
Malts: N/A

lagunitas equinox

  • Aroma: Sweet malty presence, balanced by a piney, woody hop aroma. It smells like an actual brew day, right as you throw some aroma hops in. Megan said, “great to drink while listening to Tool.” (and yes we were listening to Tool at the time)
  • Flavor: the flavor matched the aroma really well, and it has a malty sweetness balanced really well by the hop bitterness. Taking a big whiff as you sip seems to accentuate the piney, resin-y characteristics of the Equinox hops, I could just be making that up though. It tastes like a brew day smells.
  • Score: 9/10

The winner of the battle of the bombers was: The Taste Buds! Because all of these beers were seriously good, and I would drink all three of them again. My favorite, as well as Pat’s was the Saison, Meg’s was the Equinox, and Crit rounded it out by liking the White Out the best. Stay tuned for more Taste Buds!


Andres G.


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